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We believe in providing functional, beautiful, and sustainable smudge supplies.

Our carefully harvested high-quality smudging herbs are known for their rich and pleasantly bitter scent and inherent qualities that are suitable for the spiritual and energetic purification of homes, meditation rooms, and people themselves.

This collection includes 100% fragrant natural smudging herbs, such as White Desert Sage, Juniper, Yerba Santa, and Cedar. Each smudging herb has a purpose to cleanse and uplift yourself and your surroundings.

All the smudging herbs are ethically grown in the wild, dried naturally under the hot Californian sun, sustainable hand-harvested in the USA, and bound with 100% pure cotton string according to the traditional Native American method, which has a low environmental impact and helps to preserve this culture. The smudging herbs aroma is kept fresh in a clear, fabric drawstring bag.



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