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About us

OMSutra is a New York-based Lifestyle brand born with a desire to preserve the beauty of deeply rooted rich craft tradition and skill of India by supporting the artisan communities who uphold these traditions, as well as providing capacity and skills development to those in need.

Our primary objective is to promote socially responsible design through cultural sustainability and to help create a quality product with an appeal for the global market while generating income opportunities and creating a social change for the struggling rural artisans who have less access to the source of income.

We work at a grassroots level with our artisans and other partner organization and like to share their stories and what goes behind the making of each exquisite pieces for people to know and understand the process behind time honoured traditional skills and all the love that has gone into the making of each unique piece.

We partner with Non-profit organizations with a specific focus on empowering women and marginalized communities that help in creating awareness of their rights and provide socio-economic empowerment through entrepreneurship opportunities.

We also partner with other brands to develop one of a kind handcrafted products using various craft skills which are unique to each region of India. It provides our artisan groups with more production volumes and access to the consumer market and the chance to learn and share their stories. For information on how to collaborate with us to produce one of a kind handcrafted products contact us at

Through all of our partnerships, we aim to help preserve time honoured traditional craft and skills to create unique products by providing skills training and support community projects by bringing consistent work to communities through sustainable business development to raise their standard of living. This partnership gives them a chance to thrive in new life and create a change for themselves, their families and helps them to provide their children a bright future with a good education and a healthy environment to live their lives with dignity.

Our products inspire healthy and spiritual lifestyle with a perfect blend of comfort, fashion, style, and function while incorporating sustainable practices in all aspects of our business by providing quality goods to customers who value the environment, a sustainable economy, and a healthy lifestyle. We believe in fashion future that makes Fairtrade sustainable fashion affordable by all.

We practice and enforce Fair Labor standards at every stage and are doing our part to protect the environment by reducing landfill burden and make our products meet the standards of excellence as per our customer's expectation.

Love, care, and attention to details are what we put in in each exquisite products we design which are made by hand with a whole lot of heart and soul. they are either hand stitched, hand dyed, hand printed or handwoven reflecting the extraordinary traditional skills and craftsmanship of each artisan.

WHAT YOU WEAR HAS A VOICE -  it's the story that inspires everything we do and our products speak for sustainable livelihoods, Fairtrade, and revival of India's craft heritage. You will know it when you see it and feel it when you wear it.

Use your purchasing power to make a difference and discover a new kind of shopping that prevents exploitation, lift others out of poverty and try to bring peace to make the world a better place. By owning a precious piece from OMSutra, you participate in preserving the heritage of art and craft, sustaining it for the future and nurturing the livelihood of our makers and their communities for a better life

We hope that together we will create more employment opportunities and help alleviate poverty, and welcome you to explore our store and enjoy the beauty of sustainable luxury. We love to hear from you, so please drop us a line and share your shopping experiences and let us know how we can do better.


The OMSutra Family