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Eucalyptus smudging Bundle 8"- 9" Long

Eucalyptus smudging Bundle 8"- 9" Long


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Eucalyptus Bundle 8"- 9" Long

 Eucalyptus Smudge is a unique smudging experience. In the Native American tradition, it is used in rituals, ceremonies for protection, encouraging health, as well as energizing and cleansing your space.

Eucalyptus Leaves have many uses and benefits. From medicinal use to incense purpose these leaves can be used in any form. Native to the land of Australia Eucalyptus leaves have been used for many years to aid in health, money, power. Great to use in your ritual practices, potpourri, or as a simple aroma to fill your surroundings.


Used in rituals, ceremonies, or just for cleansing. Each smudge stick is 8-9" Long