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OMSutra   Deluxe Round Bolster

OMSutra Deluxe Round Bolster


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Our Super Deluxe Bolsters are  firm enough  and gives you   perfect support even for the  most challenging  yoga poses  to reach further and safer. You will love this bolster for your practice.


Bolster supports the body to help promote relaxation by providing support and grounding to prevent strain from over stretching. Use this for your stretches, restorative postures and deep breathing. Place one under the back, shoulders, and head to help open up the chest and lengthen the spine. Use one in seating poses to prevent clenching of the abdominal during forward bends. Forward bends and backbends can be supported with this classic shape of bolster, used in Prenatal, restorative and Iyengar  yoga .


It's filled with 100% pure cotton batting  firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable to  provide firm support which moulds to your body shape and will not break down over time. Our bolster has a removable, and washable, zippered outer cover   with convenient carry handle.  and re-stuffable zippered  inner-cover to remove filling for height adjustment.

Dimensions are 24 inches long by 8 inches in diameter and  weight: 6 Lbs.