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OMSutra Surya  Prayer Shawl

OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl


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OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl: A Symbol of Warmth and Vitality

Wrap yourself or a loved one in the comforting embrace of the OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl. This beautifully designed shawl is designed with sun motifs that radiate positive energy and embodies vitality. Its natural cream base, highlighted by vivid red patterns, evokes the freshness and hope of dawn's first light.

It's an excellent gift for friends, family, or anyone cherishing a mindful and peaceful lifestyle. Its symbolism and aesthetic appeal make it a fitting present for meditators, yoga practitioners, or those who appreciate spiritual and meaningful accessories in their daily lives.

Beyond its use as a companion in spiritual practices, the OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl also serves as a fashionable and meaningful accessory. Its design and color palette allow for versatile styling, complementing various outfits while carrying a deeper symbolic significance.

Gifting this prayer shawl is more than just giving an item; it's sharing warmth, inspiration, and a tangible representation of your care and good wishes. Choosing the OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl as a gift reflects a thoughtful connection, offering comfort, inspiration, and a daily reminder of the giver's care and well wishes.


The shawl measures approximately 88 inches by 48 inches.

Hand-wash separately in cold water.