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OMSutra Surya  Prayer Shawl

OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl


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OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl

Envelop yourself in the serene aura of the OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl. This delicately crafted piece is adorned with symbols of the sun, radiating positive energy and vitality. Its natural cream hue, accented with vibrant red patterns, is reminiscent of the first light of dawn, symbolizing new beginnings and hope.

Gift this shawl to a cherished friend or family member as a way to offer them the warmth of the sun's embrace. It's an ideal present for meditators, yoga enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the peacefulness that comes with a mindful lifestyle. Each shawl not only serves as a spiritual companion during practices but also as a stylish accessory imbued with meaning.

Choosing the OMSutra Surya Prayer Shawl as a gift reflects a thoughtful connection, offering comfort, inspiration, and a daily reminder of the giver's care and well wishes.

The shawl measures approximately 88 inches by 48 inches.

Hand-wash separately in cold water.