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The Nishtha Project

NISHTHA means DEDICATION in Sanskrit.

This project is dedicated and works to empower women and girls to fight for equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal dignity within village communities in rural parts of India. Of primary importance, is the fight to keep girls in schools and to help poor, illiterate women develop a sustainable livelihood, and to empower women through education, opportunity, and self-reliance through hand embroidery.

Handmade with hard work, hope and dedication this hand embroidered fabrics, scarves, pouches and bags are made by these women in their spare time as they have the flexibility to work from their homes after they are done with their household chores and taking care of their families. They enjoy socializing in a group while doing the embroidery together in this outdoor workshop.

By purchasing this hand embroidered product, you are supporting the livelihood of rural Indian women and helping to change the next generation of Indian girls. Forty percent of the money earned from the sale of these products goes directly to the women who made it, so they are able to strengthen their families by purchasing nutritious food and by investing in the education of their children. Apart from it, 10% goes in skill training, health clinics and educational outreach programs to empower women who are economically challenged to stand on their own.