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Our Story

OMSutra is a purpose-driven fashion, wellness, and Home décor brand born with a desire to preserve the beauty of deeply rooted rich craft traditions of India by empowering the women groups and artisan communities who uphold these traditions while generating a positive socio-economic and environmental impact.

Our primary objective is to promote socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable artisanal collection through cultural sustainability while generating income opportunities and creating a social change for the women groups and the artisans who have less access to the source of income as well as providing capacity and skill development to those in need.

We believe we can build a better world by listening to Mother Nature. We develop authentic products and timeless designs that exhibit simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge, that not only minimize climate impacts but also foster beauty and allow people to thrive. We extend these commitments to our customers and communities.

We welcome you to explore our shop and enjoy the beauty of mindfully designed sustainable luxury. Use your purchasing power to create more employment opportunities and discover a new kind of shopping that prevents exploitation, lifts others out of poverty, and has an enormous impact on the standard of living of the maker communities.

By helping our makers, we value the humanity of the handmade, honor timeless traditions, and embrace, the vision of dignified livelihood. We know that together, each of us can help make a difference, and try to bring peace, to make the world a better place.

Your purchase makes you participate in preserving the heritage of art and craft, sustaining it for the future, and nurturing the livelihood of our makers and their communities for a better life.

Drop us a line, sharing your shopping experiences, and any feedback and suggestions you may have.


The OMSutra Family