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About Us

Welcome to OMSutra - Where Fashion, Wellness, and Home Decor Embrace Empowerment!

At OMSutra, our foundation is rooted in a profound desire to preserve the captivating beauty of India's age-old craft traditions. We achieve this by empowering women groups and artisan communities, cherishing their legacy while fostering a positive socio-economic and environmental impact.

When you shop with us, you play a crucial role in transforming lives. A substantial portion of our proceeds goes back to marginalized communities, providing them with a platform to support their livelihoods and artistic passions. By doing so, we aim to eradicate exploitation and elevate working-class communities out of poverty.

With every artisan we assist, we celebrate the essence of the handmade, honoring timeless traditions that echo through generations. Together, we hold the power to make a difference and create a world that fosters peace and prosperity.

Join us in embracing the vision of a dignified livelihood for all. Shop our sustainable and consciously crafted products, and witness the beauty of handcrafted treasures that leave a lasting impact on the world.




The OMSutra Family