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The Survivor Project

The Survivor Karuna Project: Empowering Women Trafficking Survivors

In Sanskrit, Karuna means “compassion”, specifically, an action-based form of compassion rather than pity or sadness. Through our Karuna project, we empower and enrich the lives of women trafficking survivors by cooperating with non-profit organizations to provide skill training and job opportunities as a means to support them, and their families through their own entrepreneurship to reinforce independence, boost self-esteem, and restore confidence that allows them to regain control of their lives and helps them to live a meaningful life in their society with dignity, respect, and freedom. Through this project, we hope to embody the spirit of karuna. 

Banging on the fabric with the blocks, cutting, and sewing allows these women and girls to express their feelings that result from combatting the daily war of being emotionally, verbally, and physically abused. In our collection, we have two product categories made by these survivors which helped them learn the technique and earn from it as well. Our Karuna scarf and Shakti Yoga Mat Bags are hand-block printed and stitched by these survivors only.



This empowers the women to support themselves with a positive income, giving them a sense of independence and confidence. When they are first rescued, many are too traumatized even to talk. But in the following months to years, and with a lot of therapy and support, they can start loving themselves again and find meaning in their lives.


Forced labor is India's largest trafficking problem. Inherited from previous generations, the men, women, and children in debt bondage are sometimes forced to work in small cottage industries which end in sex slavery. The sex traffickers prey on the vulnerable, promising them jobs in another city only to sell them as slaves and lock them up in brothels.

Support our Karuna Project to give a second life to these survivors. You, too, can help the survivors by making a purchase as every OMSutra Karuna scarf and Shakti Yoga Mat Bag is providing work for a woman who has left the darkness of the night. Together we can make a difference, and end sex trafficking in India and around the world!