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THE NIRVANA PROJECT - Empowering Youth Transforming Lives to help them follow their Dream

The NIRVANA Project is our initiative with YogaGivesBack. The mission of this project is to enable all youth to reach their full potential as productive and responsible citizens and empower them to follow their dreams and transform their lives for a better tomorrow.

Through this project, we are determined to bring social change, by promoting young talent and inspiring others to believe in the beauty of their dreams. The featured young student Nagaraju P is an artist in making and a student of Yogagiveback's 210 SHE (Scholarship for Higher Education) program, belongs to a family in Chamarajanagar, outside of Mysore in India.

Nagaraju loves to sketch meaningful drawings and intends to fulfill his dream of becoming an artist. His artwork was picked to be featured in our collection through our Nirvana Project.

After receiving this opportunity, we decided to mentor him, by focusing on strengthening his technical artistic skills and giving his artwork a theme of "transformation" and hence named it NIRVANA. The skill training will help him to overcome challenges and in getting further education to achieve his dream through the transformative power of the NIRVANA art.

Be a part of this project by purchasing Nirvana T-Shirt as 20% of the sale is donated to YGB to help fund the education of youth like this young artist- Nagaraju.  


To read the full story of this talented young student visit YGB Blog by Founder Kayoko Mitsumatsu of

"NIRVANA is the state where the fires of attachment, aversion, and ignorance extinguish and one experiences true peace and happiness."