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NIRVANA Tee - An art of practicing Mindfulness (Unisex)
White, Unisex T-Shirt
Nirvana t-shirt
Nirvan Tee by Nagaraju
Nirvana T-shirt
Nirvana T shirt
Nirvana t-shirt
NIRVANA Tee - An art of practicing Mindfulness (Unisex)

NIRVANA Tee - An art of practicing Mindfulness (Unisex)


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Buy to give the gift of education and empower the youth of today!

Be comfortable in your body in this simple and chic white flattering tee. Fabricated with great attention to detail, with a loose fit and short sleeve, it will be a wardrobe favorite and a must-have! 

Nirvana artwork on the T-shirt is hand-sketched by a young man Nagaraju. P, which illustrates a meaningful picture of the transformation of King Siddhartha to the Nirvana state of Lord Buddha and is a wonderful representation of transcendental bliss

The Nirvana Project was born out of a love for humanity to support and empower talented youth. Through this project, we are changing lives by giving opportunities and featuring the inspirational artwork by the young talented young man whose education is funded by YogaGivesBack.org 

Bring more meaning to your everyday life by purchasing the Tee, that inspires the wearer to follow and believe in the beauty of their own dreams, and gives the feeling of soulfulness and consciousness as every item purchased helps in giving the gift of education, as 20% of the sale is donated to YGB to help fund the education of youth like this young artist- Nagaraju.
Practice Mindfulness, by wearing your transformational NIRVANA tee, and experience true peace and happiness!