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108 Japa Mala Prayer Beads Rose Quartz

108 Japa Mala Prayer Beads Rose Quartz

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Embrace serenity and mindfulness with our exquisite rose quartz mala prayer beads.

Each set consists of 108 delicately crafted beads, accompanied by a prominently larger bead known as the Sumeru. This distinctive bead marks the starting and ending points of your meditation journey.

As you commence your meditation, hold the Sumeru bead and proceed through each bead until you circle back to the Sumeru. Upon completing a round, your next meditation cycle begins with the bead where the previous one ended, creating a seamless flow of contemplation.

The proper way to use these beads is by holding them in your right hand and delicately grasping each bead between your thumb and middle finger. It's important to avoid using the index finger, as it's traditionally considered to be inauspicious in this practice.

With every bead, gently recite your chosen mantra, focusing deeply on each syllable. These rose quartz beads not only aid in your spiritual practice but also serve as a reminder to maintain the utmost attention and intention with every recitation.

Let these rose quartz mala beads be your companion in your journey towards inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

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