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OMSutra specializes in manufacturing and sourcing solutions. We offer our customers a cost-effective solution to their organic and Eco-friendly product needs, allowing them to focus their resources on product design, marketing and sales. We give a final shape to your product idea.


OMSutra can manufacture and supply a wide range of products and fabrics using 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly and blends. Starting with hand-woven cotton, khadi, certified organic cotton, and Eco-friendly fiber, we monitor and manage the production of fabric and manufacture of finished products while ensuring compliance with organic processing and fair labor standards along the supply chain. We also handle the logistical aspects of delivering the finished products to our customer's locations anywhere in the United States.

We support every stage of the production process our customers choose, allowing them to control any aspect of their approach that they consider essential to their success. We have scalable operations where we can execute small and large orders. We understand the importance of well-established business relationships with our artisan and manufacturing partners that are mutually beneficial and built on trust, respect, and open communication.

Our team has more than a decade of industry experience in offering high-quality private-label merchandise and fashion design services from product development to stock production in both handmade and mill-made fabrics.

Since we focus on quality, we have a team of merchandisers and quality control executives that manage the custom requirements, production coordination, timeliness, and overall quality of the finished product.

Starting with discussions about product designs and specifications, we

  • assists in the selection of fabric constructions best suited to your product's functional needs and aesthetics
  • submits lab dips for color & shade approval
  • produces prototypes for fine-tuning style and fit
  • submits strike-offs for embellishments (prints & embroidery) for approval
  • assists in the selection of trims and accessories
  • develop labels, hang tags, and custom packaging based on the buyer's artwork
  • produces sales samples, if required
  • initiate bulk fabric production from certified organic cotton or any eco-friendly fiber
  • monitors & expedites finished product fabrication 
  • provide on-the-spot Quality Assurance before shipment, and on the buyer's request, we also do third-party Quality Inspection through SGS or Intertek.
  • inspects and packs the goods in cartons as per buyers' specifications for shipping
  • manages the logistics of shipping (air & sea) & handling at the dispatch end and documentation & customs clearance procedures at the delivery end
  • arrange local transportation to customer warehouses if requested.


Most importantly, OMSutra fully supports and adheres to Environmental and Social Responsibility Policies and Fair Labor Practices in all the sourcing and manufacturing steps through established inspection protocols.