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Self-Care Relaxing Gifts spa neck pillows


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Our silk neck pillow helps in supporting the neck and serves as added cushioning for your cervical spine to soothe neck pain, as well as to ease away the tension, pain, and stiffness during yoga poses. Great to give as a gift as a stress relief, self-care, relaxing silk neck pillow.

It is also used to support the neck in restorative postures and to help support the spine or even the knees and ankles. This silk-covered pillow gently supports your cervical spine for a comfortable Savasana or sleep. The cylindrical Silk Neck Pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, which contour to the shape of your neck and give nurturing support in supine positions. 

In order to provide nurturing support to the back of your neck, this neck pillow is filled with buckwheat or kapok that can mold to the shape of your neck and conform to the crescent shape between your head and neck area.